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As a RIBA Chartered Architectural Practice, I strive to provide a service that extends well beyond producing a set of drawings. My aim is to guide my clients through the complex procedures of the planning, building regulations and competitive tender process as well as monitor the contractor’s programme of works and quality of construction on-site until the project is completed and beyond until the end of the defects liability period. I am adept at identifying the aspirations and needs of my clients and will bring knowledge and experience to a project. Not only can I provide value for money but my professional attention to detail will achieve value for money through the most efficient use of space as well as the careful selection of materials and finishes that suits your needs. When you use an Architect, you are employing someone who has undertaken seven years of professional training, the longest in the building industry. Anyone calling themselves a building consultant, an architectural designer, a plan drawer and so on, is unlikely to be an Architect and therefore does not have the comparable skills, imagination or knowledge. They may also not be insured with Professional Indemnity Insurance that an Architect has to have in order to protect your interest / investment. Anyone calling themselves an Architect who is not registered with ARB are committing a criminal offence. “When you employ an Architect, you shouldn’t see it as an expense, you need to see it as a good long-term investment.”
As a Chartered Architectural Practice, I offer a full range of architectural services to cover all stages of the RIBA Plan of Work from inception to completion. The Plan of Work organises the process of designing and the managing of building projects into a number of Work Stages. The following outlines the services I provide during each Work Stage, these services can be tailored to suit your needs or project.
ADS Architects Fees Unfortunately it is not easy to provide a quotation for my services without first seeing the site and discussing the initial brief with you. Every project is different and unique with its own design challenges and can be dependant on a multitude of varying factors that effect the extent of works required in order to deliver the project. If you wish to discuss a proposed project then please contact me to arrange a free on-site consultation to discuss your project needs. I will then provide you with a detailed fee quotation in writing for me to act as your Architect for the proposed works.

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